How far in advance are reservations required?
We prefer at least 5-7 days advance notice to reserve your machine for your event, but during the busy seasons book as far in advance as you can. If you have a last minute event, just call us and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

What does the customer supply?
The customer supplies the alcohol, and a dedicated 110 electrical outlet

What type of electrical outlet do I need?
The machine(s) require a minimum 110 outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit that This is a standard 3 prong outlet. If people EVER have a problem with the machines, it is that they have other appliances on the same circuit preventing the machine to get the juice it needs. So keep this in mind when it come to placement of the machine

How many drinks does 1 batch make?
Each 5 gallon batch makes up to 80 8 oz. drinks.

What size cups do you provide?
8 oz. plastic. Larger cups lead to waste as guests let the drink melt and throw away. We have found that this is the right size to keep the party going.

Can I use my margarita mix?
No, the mix we provide is made exclusively for frozen drink machines. Other mixes will cause damage to the machine and may not freeze properly if not made for frozen drink machines. And the price of the machine includes 1 or 2 bottles of mix, so why would you?

Can South Bay Margaritas supply the alcohol?
No. We are not licensed to supply liquor or alcohol beverages. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no liquor or alcohol.

Can the machine operate outside?
The stainless steel machines can run outside even in the summer, but they should not be in direct sunlight, they are much happier when you give them some shade.

Do I have to be at home when the machine is delivered or picked-up?
A responsible person needs to be available when the machine is delivered. If pre-arranged you may designate an accessible area, we will pick up the machine if no one is available.

Does your Soft Serve product contain Dairy?
No, both of our vanilla and Chocolate are non dairy products that taste GREAT!